We, You, I/Snow was released on Barron Records. They were two of four songs recorded during those sessions at United Studios in Detroit. At that point in his career, Jem was still adjusting to playing and singing at the same time. He wrote many of the lyrics to those songs while driving around in their van the night prior to the recording. Soon after the release of the single, the Third Power were performing with the MC5 at an outdoor show near Wayne State University when local disc jockey, Danny Carlisle first heard the group. He was very excited with the sound, and performance, of the group. He took a copy of the single back to his radio station, WABX, where he worked it into their 'free form' rotation. Around the same time, the legendary Grande Ballroom started up as a rock and roll club. The Third Power became regular performers there and their popularity increased with each show. During this time period, from the audience perspective, there was an appearance, or sense, of unity and friendship among the various local groups. Sometimes that sense turned out to be true, like the time the Third Power played with the Bob Seger System at Mothers in East Tawas. The system were very generous and allowed the Power to use their VOX amplifiers. On the other hand, sometimes that sense of brotherhood was way off the mark, like the time the Power played at that same club with the Rationals. Generally, the Third Power played their version of Respect during their set, but, out of concern for the Rationals, who had a local hit with the song, the Power planned to remove "Respect" from their set list. When the Rationals showed up for their sound check, they were so "arrogant, stuffy, and piggy" that the Power went ahead and played their high energy version as a statement to the A2 recording artists. In 1969, the Third Power signed a record deal with Vanguard records. Sam Charters, the respected poet and blues historian, was assigned the responsibility as producer. Sam jammed with the group and played piano on the album.

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